Search engine optimisation (optimization) is one of the most cost effective, long term Internet marketing methods, focusing on driving additional traffic to your organisations website. Search engine optimisation is crucial if you want your website to be acessable to search engines and to be ranked well in their results pages.


Search Engine Optimisation experts have the experience and knowledge to help promote your website within organic search results of all the major search engines. Without doubt search engine compliance is the one area that most SEO agencies overlook, it does not matter how good the optimisation of a website is, if the site is not compliant then it will not perform in search engines such as Google. Now is the time for businesses to move their pay per click campaigns to true organic search agencies, this is because search engine optimisation will lower your click costs and improve relevancy scores. Did you know that combining pay per click and search engine optimisation can boost returns by as much as 40%.


Much of SEO is also based on links to and from your website, with search bots favoring relevant links from content rich websites to your site. These links are particularly effective from highly ranked websites. This is why an informative, useful website can help to increase your traffic. A popular way to provide a constant stream information is to have an online blog, focusing on updates to do with your company and website. A site map is an optional feature found on a website, the site map page contains a link to every individual page within the site. Search Engines use Spiders to crawl through websites and extract relevant information in regards to the word or phrase that the user has searched for. It exists within the World Wide Web which means it can be done anywhere in the world.

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