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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is how high ranking websites have improved their position in search engines and directories – ethical optimisation will improve your web site’s position and eliminate costly ongoing search engine charges for adwords, sponsored sites, paying for position or paying expensive monthly fees.

Top ranking web pages are not simply lucky.

Awarded Top Australian SEO June 2009
June 2009 Award.

John Leach, is General Manager of the business based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

John is recognised as a leading world-wide authority in English language Website Search Engine Optimisation.

John Leach Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

SEO requires the combination of content writing, marketing and website design that incorporates correct website building techniques.

John was sales director for a multi-national company working in the UK, Asia and Australia.

He was founding director of one of Australia's leading business brokers, is a regular writer for various publications and was a creative director responsible for product research and development.

He is a regular guest speaker at Chambers of Commerce and the Queensland Government Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry e-commerce seminars, (now named Queensland Government Employment, Industry Development and Innovation)

He was featured in an article in Australia's leading business magazine, Business Review Weekly, in October 2005 and Australia's leading advertising Journal, B&T, in February 2008.

Most higher ranking websites found in Google and other leading search engines use the services of a professional, and ethical Search Engine Optimisation consultant to make certain their site can be found in the top ranking position.

Over 80% of Visitors to websites for the first time, find those sites through search engines and directories, by conducting a keyword search for the products or services that the business offers*, as distinct from searching for the business by name or its web address (URL). (* Forrester Research)

It matters little, how good your product or service is, if potential customers don’t know you exist because they can’t find you which was the case with Daydream Island Resort.

We were requested to make the site visible to searchers who previously could not find the Daydream website no matter how many pages they searched.

The profitability of the resort was being eroded in that they were paying substantial commissions to Travel Agents who were providing the majority of the resort's guests.

Our brief was to take their site to top position in order that guests could make bookings direct and reduce the massive sums each month that were being paid to travel agents.

For the last 6 years since our Optimization, the Daydream Website has constantly remained the highest ranking website in the Google search engine, of tens of thousands of sites retrieved using the same common search words. See our rank report and you be the judge


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Ethical Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, doesn’t involve smoke and mirrors nor does it involve trying to trick the search engines. Web site optimisation starts with a thorough understanding of the business and combining that knowledge with an acute appreciation of the Internet and World Wide Web, the search engines and search directories to create an advertising/marketing medium to not merely attract visitors but to convert those visitors into customers.

More Website traffic alone does not equate to sales unless conversion follows.

We are outsourced by two of the top 4 Australian banks, the world leading insurance company and Australia's premier health insurance company.

Have no doubts about our capability to improve your organisation's Website's position.

We believe that no one in the Search Engine Optimization Industry in the world can improve on the consistently high search engine positioning we achieve and We can prove it .

Our Global SEO business,
based in Australia, was a pioneer in ethical Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing services for English speaking countries.

Notice to Web builders and in-house IT staff:
Your clients, or employers, do not need to know that we have assisted, or been involved in the construction of their Web site and we uphold confidentiality to the uttermost degree.

We offer no guarantee that your Web site will be high ranking - the only people who can offer such a guarantee are those that charge to have your site indexed at the top of search engine results. None of our clients have ever had to pay for placement in search engine results - that is the power of ethical search engine optimisation.

Does my business need a Website?

Some businesses by their nature don’t stand to benefit from the web, but those that do cannot afford a low ranked second rate website.

A fair test as to whether your business needs a web-presence.
- If your turnover is principally with the same repeat clients, or customer base, then you probably won’t benefit from having a website.
- If your business however, depends on new customers, or alternatively your business is capable of being grown outside its present geographical region, then a website should benefit your business.

There are potential customers out there that don’t know you exist. Most businesses don’t have the luxury of advertising to the majority of potential customers – Except through their Website.

We are reluctant to work on sites if we believe those sites won’t benefit the business and provide a worthwhile return on investment to the Owners and that the advertising budget may be better spent on other advertising. We understand however that your competitors having a web-presence puts great pressure on you to also have a website for credibility.
If this is your situation and you are determined to have a website then you may as well “rule the search engine roost” with your new site’s high web position - see our website’s ranking report Why a low ranking Web site is wasting your money

If you are contemplating a Website, but have doubts as to its value in your business, please drop us an email for an impartial opinion. Please describe for us the nature of your business and provide details about its trade area and whatever else you think we should know to form a candid opinion. We would rather you invest your advertising budget in other areas instead of building a Website and wasting money so consequently our response to you will not be biased in our interest, but in yours.

When to Optimise – Web site optimization should start at the initial design stage of a website or when an existing Web site is redesigned.

It is never too late to start optimising a site that has already been launched. Provided that the site hasn’t used a design that can be the “kiss of death” as far as its ability to be spidered successfully.

Don’t attempt to trick search engines – Ethical Search Engine Optimisation Professionals never attempt to “trick” the search engines that are generally a step or three ahead of the “smarties” that want the highest search engine ranking at any cost. They may be getting away with their dodgy practice now but they will be caught and their Client’s Websites will pay the penalty.

Advertising guru, Leo Burnett sums up client care as - "what helps people, helps business" - how very true.

This Website contains a brief overview of what is involved in ethical website enhancement but it is by no means the full picture.
We hope that it contains sufficient hints to enable businesses with low ranking websites to improve their web rankings in search engines.

Now that Search Engine Optimisation has become a well known term it appears that most studios profess to know the art.
Whilst a small number have mastered SEO, from our observation probably only a couple of percent of studios are competent.
Your best insurance is to ask for examples of sites they have optimised and check them for yourself, or better still ask whether you can speak to the business owner or marketing manager to gain a testimonial firsthand - if you are refused consent it is likely because they know the answer.

If your business maintains a Web site that is not providing a worthwhile ROI then it is time you seriously reviewed it's search engine ranking capability.

Our Mission Statement : -
To drive your business to be the best it can be on the www.

Win a North Queensland holiday !
We are very pleased for the seventh consecutive year to have assisted with the Amnesty International Australian 2010 Freedom Raffle.
Amnesty International is a world wide human rights movement with more than one million members. As a non-political and independent organisation, Amnesty campaign impartially and peacefully against human rights violations throughout the world.
We are proud to be associated with this caring organisation.
(The lucky winner of the 2009 holiday in Far North Queensland is M. Lelyveld of Victoria)


John Leach,
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Sheldon, Queensland 4157

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English language Website Search Engine Optimisation throughout all Australian cities
and states;
Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Melbourne, Victoria (VIC), Brisbane, Gold
Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Queensland (QLD), Adelaide, South Australia (SA), Perth,
Western Australia (WA), Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT),
Darwin, Northern Territory (NT), Hobart, Tasmania (TAS) as well as
New Zealand (NZ) North and South Islands.
We also pride ourselves on having consulted to sites in the United States
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English language Web sites in Europe.

“Delivering what the www has always promised”

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